Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Webcomic.

Ok. So I decided to get off my comfortable chair, and during a bit of rehabilitation (Broken arms are a bitch, I just thank every single deity in the universe I still can draw, and that the broken part of the elbow doesn't affect that) and re-start an old project. It's a webcomic, and it will start running this Monday (July 23). Hope you enjoy it (And that this time, I don't lose my blog password -again-)


Elayne said...

Take it slowly, Adalisa! Nobody's forcing you to draw, but if you feel it's good therapy go for it. I usually only have one password for everything, it's hard for me to remember more than one. :)

Adalisa said...

Thank you Elayne, :) I'm taking it a page a day for drawing since it's the least painful of the rehab exercises, and now it doesn't hurt at all. It also helps me focus on getting my arm back to perfect shape :) It was torture when I couldn't even write with it.
I'll try that one password thing. It's awful when I have to type every single password I could have used to try and get into my email.