Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Back on Blogger space

After thinking a lot about this (And in one of those ego trips that sometimes one can get), I remembered that I had a Blogger profile and account.

When I started looking into the blog movement, I opened this account and posted about... five times. Or something. And LJ seduced me with its icons, and communities, and everything they have there for a fan and well, you see. I left, leaving this account emtpy, empty.

Why did I came back to blogger? Well, because LJ is wonderful in a lot of ways, and I'm not denying that, ut even if my fan experience there has had no problems and I have even managed to stop my usual net-shyness about talking to people I don't know in person... Well, LJ is my place for some fandoms that are almost exclusive for LJ. And they're ok there, separated from what is my absolute passion and my job (I'm lucky to have a job I love)

Sure, there are a million blogs on the net, and many of those are about comics. I don't think I'll bring something really new or totally different to the table, but who knows. Maybe I will. If I don't try it, I'll never know.

I ramble a lot, and sometimes I act really militant, but that comes with the territory (The militant thing. Feminist Mom, Hippie Dad, what can you expect from that combination? The rambling comes from who knows where), so I warn ahead that I can talk about something I found in the mexican comic book industry (That does exist. It's not remotely like the one you can find in other countries, but it's here), or about the last comic I bought and left me in awe, or about a manga, or a mexican fanzine. I won't talk about my cats, or the hamsters, my neighbour's parrot or something like that. That's why I have an LJ for.

I love comments, opinions and feedback. So if you want to say something, feel free. After a couple of curious experiences, I can't say I won't censor anything because I don't know what will happen in the future. But I don't plan to censor anything. I'd love if everyone could sign with a name, even if you are not in Blogger, but that's not a requirement.

And now, in theory, we can start the show.

Oh, yeah. In case you're interested. Following the example of my friend Paco (Blackpaco on the link list) I decided to try and do a Mirror in spanish. Why? Because it's my native tongue, and every single time I start a blog, I end up writting in English because all my fandom friends speak english. So I did the mirror thing to keep that one 100% in Spanish (Bocho Pega Duro, Bocho Pega Más in case you're curious)