Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ok, explain me this

Sometime between 3:00 am and 7:00 am this morning, someone hacked the GirlWonder.org page and forums. I know the hours just because I had a bit of a trouble sleeping and read a couple of messages at 2:45, and it was working fine.

There was an argument there about how some lowlifes tend to shut down feminist blogs with threats and abuse, and some people were actually defending their reasoning saying it was just because they were bullies, not because they were mysoginist.

And then the forum went kaput.

Now, the GirlWonder project has been subject of a lot of criticism. The demand for a case for Stephanie Brown, the fourth Robin, has been labeled as 'fan entitlement' and there has been other, less polite insults thrown around against the forums, their members, and the bloggers who write for GirlWonder, especially Karen of Girls Read Comics (and they're pissed). Apparently, the idea of women reading and writing about comics and what they would like to see in comics is so threatening that some idiot had just to try and shut them down.

What I honestly don't understand is why. I can sort of see the moron-logic behind the spam attacks, the threats and the insults at forums and bloggers. That is meant to frighten and annoy to the point of either silencing the blogger or make it impossible for anyone to carry an intelligent conversation trough the comments or forums. It's hard to do that when a lot of /b/tards are posting crap, both metaphorically and literally, unfortunately. But to shut down the forum completely? Hack their way in and just shut it up? Where they really that threatened by what was being said in the forum?

I used to think the one wonder of Internet is that everyone had a voice, even those who said things we weren't comfortable with. Obviously, that is not the case.